Niravath Jubily Chits started its operations on 4-May-2010 as a proprietorship concern and in the course of time we spread our wings by introducing more chit schemes. The incorporation of Niravath Jubily chits was on 26th September 2011 under the Indian Companies Act 1956. We started our business in Iritty in the year 2010 in a small office with just three people with a motto of "Growing Together". We have registered to conduct Chitty business under the Chit Funds Act, 1982 and Kerala Chit Fund Rules, 2012. All our chits are registered and as collateral security we have deposited sufficient amount in various Sub Registrar Offices, indicating our financial stability which in turn has build confidence in the minds of customer.

   The aim of Niravath Jubily Chits is to do business complying the rules and regulations laid down under Chit Funds Act, 1982 and Kerala Chit Funds Rules, 2012. We are rated as the best chit company in Kerala State in 2014 and 2015 which is one of our accolades. The company enjoys a broad clientele comprising corporate/business houses, professionals, retail traders, small businessmen, common people and the like. Our vision is to provide "New Hope and New Life to people" inducing them to save in Chit Funds, where by enabling them to grow with us. Our mission is not confined to a single statement, but focusing on safeguarding customer's interest, providing the Chit Schemes that suits all type of customers and offering safe and secure financial investment options. Niravath Jubily Chits India Private Limited is known for offering easy chit fund with excellent services. Currently we have 16 branches where we conduct regular Auctions. We have an outstanding collection team who offer our subscribers the facility of collection of chit subscription at their door steps daily/weekly/monthly basis.

   In the past Six years we have grown enormously by setting up Eighteen branches and Our annual turnover of Rs. 600 cores. Our short term objective is to attract potential customers by giving the best service all over Kerala by setting up at least one branch in all major towns in Kerala. Negotiation with a Multinational Corporation for a foreign presence is in the pipeline and expecting a fruitful outcome in the near future. Our strength in terms of satisfied customers has crossed 35000 which is the pillar of our success. We have accomplished most of our goals and the major credits go to our workforce and have 600 plus stalwart employees. Our concern actively connects with lot of Charity Institutions and provides Scholarships, organizing mass marriages, financial assistance for medical treatment of deprived class. Our staff visits orphanages and home for aged to provide food and spend quality time and also to console them.

   We are confident that with our excellent resources and services that we provide, we will achieve our ultimate goal of becoming the leading registered Chitty Company in India by abiding all the rules and regulations.